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Individual and Family Enrollment Periods 

When Can I Buy Coverage?

It’s important to understand when you can purchase coverage throughout the year. You can only purchase coverage for you or your family members from True Health New Mexico or through the Health Insurance Marketplace during certain times in the year. These periods of time are called Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment periods.

Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment Period is the time of year when individuals and families can purchase health insurance or make changes to their current health plan directly through True Health New Mexico or through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Typically, the open enrollment period is November 1 through December 15 with a coverage start date of January 1.

During this time frame you do not need to meet any special circumstances for coverage.

Special Enrollment

The Special Enrollment Period allows you to make changes to your coverage when a major event happens in your life. If you have had certain events happen, such as losing your health coverage, getting married, or the birth or adoption of a child, you may qualify for Special Enrollment Period. These life events are known as a qualifying life event. If your event is eligible, you’ll have 60 days to change your health plan from the date of the qualifying life event

Examples of qualifying life events:

  • Loss of other coverage
  • Divorce, legal separation, or annulment
  • Birth or adoption of a child, or placement of a child for adoption
  • Death of a spouse or child resulting in a loss of coverage
  • A judgment, decree, or order requiring you to cover a dependent child
  • A change in eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid for yourself, a spouse, or a dependent
  • A change in a dependent’s eligibility
  • A change in residency affecting your eligibility for healthcare benefits

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