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The Power of True Health New Mexico

The benefits of choosing True Health

A health insurance company that lives up to its name.

True Health happens when all dimensions of a person’s life are working together in harmony. When physical, emotional, and social health are in balance, the state of health is natural and empowering. While each individual has different and unique health indicators, our goal at True Health New Mexico is to help our members optimize their own personal health status.

We do this by working closely with our members to support them in their own goals for health. Our model of care is founded on a provider partnership system that differs from traditional health plans by its comprehensive focus on innovative care management that prioritizes and facilitates “well-care,” not “sick-care.” Simply put, we focus on improving members’ health while lowering their healthcare costs. Our benefit plans, programs, and services help our members to reach their best state of health and reduce the occurrence of unnecessary, high-cost care such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

As a physician-led health plan, our top priority is connecting our members to the care they need to help them achieve and maintain their highest health status. We strive to make the member an active participant in their own healthcare and provide guidance as the member navigates their way through an often-overwhelming healthcare system. We also work with family members, caregivers, Community Health Workers, and providers as needed to facilitate communication and understanding.

We focus on improving our members’ health by helping them navigate the often-confusing healthcare landscape. Whether the presenting health problem is a chronic condition or an unexpected episode, our care coordination team is there to provide guidance, support, and resources. We leverage technology to identify at-risk members and work proactively with them, their providers, and their caregivers to help members access the most appropriate services and to keep them away from high-cost services, such as emergency room visits and unnecessary hospital admissions.

Historically, the World Health Organization defined health as

“the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
mental, social, physical health. when these come together you will find true heatlth

We also recognize that behavioral health and physical health are integrated. We put a strong emphasis on treating both the body and the mind. Most of our plans offer a $0 copay for behavioral health office visits, including substance abuse. We encourage our members to become established with a behavioral health provider just as they should a primary care doctor.

Another way we differentiate ourselves in the health insurance marketplace is by offering $0 copays for generic drugs for several common chronic conditions. When we remove financial barriers to maintenance medications, members are more likely to take the medications they need to help them stay well and out of the emergency room. Our list of $0 copay generic drugs extends far beyond the Affordable Care Act’s preventive drug requirements.

Finally, we know that a healthy community is the foundation for healthy families and individuals. We support social health through linking our members to community resources to help our members live a life of true health.