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New Members

New to True?

Even if you’ve been our member for a while, it can be hard to keep track of everything you need to know. This checklist can help.

Your Top 10 List for Getting the Most Out of Your Plan

1. ID card

If you didn’t receive your ID card within 15 days of your coverage effective date, or if you lost it, call Customer Service at 1-844-508-4677 or email

2. Member portal

Register for and log in to the member portal. If you’re creating a new account, you’ll need to have your ID card handy.

  • The portal is a gateway to many True Health New Mexico resources, including your plan documents, the status of your claims, and our member programs and services.
  • We encourage you to read your Evidence of Coverage (also called the Member Handbook) carefully and refer to the Summary of Benefits and Coverage so you understand how your plan works and make the best use of your covered services.

3. Automatic bill payment

If you have an individual or family plan, your premium is due the first of the month for that month’s coverage. New members should expect to receive their first invoice within 15 to 20 days after the notice of approval. Consider setting up automatic bill payments to ensure your premiums stay current. Here’s how:

  • Visit our Pay My Bill page.
  • Click on the How to Pay Your Bill: Individual/Family Plan Members Only heading.
  • Read the information under Pay Online or Pay by Automated Bank Withdrawal and choose the option that’s best for you.
  • Note: You will need your member ID number.

4. Primary care provider (PCP)

We believe a strong relationship with a PCP will help you and your family get the most benefit from your health plan and keep you healthy. We do not choose a PCP for you or require referrals. However, some specialists may require a referral from your PCP prior to scheduling an appointment. Looking for an in-network PCP? Use our online provider directory.

  • Use our Online Provider Search Tool to begin your search.
  • Once you have found a PCP, you should call his or her office to make sure they are accepting new patients – even if the directory says they are.

5. Provider visit(s)

Do you need any healthcare services? Set up a time to visit your PCP or other healthcare provider.

  • Take with you a list of all medications and supplements you’re taking.
  • Jot down any questions or concerns you have.
  • Find out what routine preventive healthcare you need on our Preventive Health Screenings page.


6. Health risk assessment (HRA)

Log in to the member portal and take your HRA via Better You*, our new wellness platform. The HRA offers two perks:

  • You can pinpoint areas where you’re doing well and where you can improve, such as stress, diet, and sleep. Download or print the report and take it with you to your next PCP visit.
  • It will help you earn Better You points, which you can redeem for gift cards to major retailers.
  • *The Better You platform is a separate website. Better You registration requires a unique user name and password.

7. Healthy Check-Up Interview

This brief questionnaire will give our medical management team a snapshot of your health. Depending on your answers, we may contact you about health resources in your area. Complete the Healthy Check-Up Interview here.

8. Medications

You can fill your current prescriptions at a pharmacy in our network. Use the Find a Pharmacy tool on the CVS website to find a pharmacy near you.

9. Behavioral health

If you or someone you know is suffering, please visit our Behavioral Health page. You’ll find a wide range of support tools, including free assessments, tips for your first visit, and information on getting follow-up care after hospitalizations and ER visits. Our Care Management team can also help you with receiving appropriate services.

10. Explanation of benefits (EOB)

After you receive care, you’ll receive an EOB in the mail.

  • The EOB lists the services you received, the amount covered by your health plan, and any cost-sharing amounts you may be responsible for.
  • An EOB is not a bill. Wait to receive a bill from your provider before paying any cost-sharing amounts.
  • You can also view your EOB information in the member portal.

Your COVID-19 Benefits

True Health New Mexico members do not have to pay any cost-sharing amounts for COVID-19 testing, treatment, or vaccination. Tests must be FDA-approved to be covered without cost-sharing. Find details on our COVID-19 page; scroll down to the What are my benefits for COVID-19 testing and treatment? and COVID-19 vaccine: Where can I learn more and sign up? sections.