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FEHB HMO Plan Brochure

This is your plan’s official approved brochure.

2021 Brochure

2020 Brochure

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

A six-page summary of your health plan benefits.

2021 Summary

2020 Summary

Benefit and Resource Guide

A summary of your benefits and our member perks.

2021 Guide

2020 Guide

Pediatric Vision Benefits

Enrolled children under age 19 are eligible for pediatric vision services through VSP. Find the benefit summary below.

Find Your Prescription Cost-Share

Do you have questions about drug costs? Use the CVS Drug Cost Transparency tool.

Prescription Drug Prior Authorization

Prior authorization can be confusing. This document explains the process.

Pharmacy and Formulary

Pharmacy benefits and programs to support your health, plus a pharmacy locator.

Member Forms

Helpful forms you may need as a True Health New Mexico member.

Care Management

Our comprehensive Care Management program assists members with complex or chronic health conditions.

Health and Wellness

Tools and programs to help you live a healthier, happier life.

How to Enroll

If you are an actively working eligible federal employee and want to become a member of the True Health New Mexico plan, you can enroll by contacting your agency’s personnel office. You also may find your agency’s preferred method below.



During the annual FEHB Open Season, anyone eligible to participate in the FEHB Program may change health plans or options, cancel or suspend their FEHB enrollment, and request plan brochures and information. Annuitants can do the above actions by:

  • Using OPM’s Open Season Online system.
  • Using Open Season Express by calling 1-800-332-9798.
  • Sending regular mail (Postmarked no later than final date of Open Season) to:

Office of Personnel Management
Open Season Processing Center
P.O. Box 5000
Lawrence, KS 66046-0500

Outside of Open Season

  • Call the OPM Retirement Information Center at 1-888-767-6738 (TTY: 1-800-878-5707 or DC local 202-606-0551)
  • Send an email to retire@opm.gov.

Online resources are provided by OPM at www.opm.gov/insure.

Important: Please review all FEHB program guidelines for enrollment and canceling your plan before making your selection. Remember, if you are an annuitant and you cancel your FEHB coverage, you may not re-enroll in the FEHB Program.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you cover my medication?
Select the Pharmacy and Formulary button above to go to the Pharmacy page, then select the Federal Employees Formulary button to view a list of the prescription medications covered on your True Health New Mexico plan.

What will the cost of my medication be?
In the second row of gray boxes above, select the Find your Prescription Cost-Share button. Find a pharmacy and enter the name of your medication to find the cost of your medication.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?
No, True Health New Mexico does not require a referral from your primary care physician in order to see a specialist. However, some specialists may request a referral from your primary care physician prior to scheduling a visit.

What hospitals can I go to?
On our Quick-Search PDFs page, open the Hospitals in New Mexico and Texas document. You can download this document to your computer if you wish.

If I am an existing member, will I receive a new ID card for the 2021 plan year?
No, if you are an existing member in 2020, you will continue to use your current member ID card in 2021. However, if you have requested a replacement ID card, you will receive one.

New members will receive ID cards.

What is my monthly premium?
In the FEHB HMO Plan Brochure button above, select the 2021 link. View detailed premium rate information on page 82.

Is preventive care covered?
Yes, your True Health New Mexico plan covers routine physicals once every calendar year. In addition, well-child visits, examinations, immunizations, and routine screenings, based on current recommendations, are covered.

What if I am receiving an ongoing course of treatment from an out-of-network provider at the time of my enrollment?

You may be eligible to continue to receive services from this provider and have the services covered under your True Health New Mexico plan. This is called transition of care. Please visit our Care Management page to learn more.

Does my plan offer dental and vision coverage?
True Health New Mexico does not offer a dental plan. We do offer vision coverage for children through age 18 (no adult vision plan).

Can I pay for my doctor’s office visits with my wellness points?
No, wellness points may be used only to redeem select reward items.

Open Season 2021 Virtual Presentation

Please watch our webcast to learn more about our 2021 FEHB plan, our health and wellness offerings, and other reasons to choose True Health New Mexico. You can also download helpful resources.