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Puzzling over health insurance

Michelle McRuiz, Director of Communications

There are so many great things about being a True Health New Mexico employee that it’s hard to count them. But since this is the time of year when we should count our blessings, I’ll give it a shot.

The people here are wonderful: caring, funny, kind, hard-working, dedicated, smart, and fun. We sell a great product: comprehensive health insurance plans backed by a medical management strategy that helps people become healthier and holds down health care costs. We have a casual, accepting culture. We get unlimited paid time off. We are within walking distance of a Trader Joe’s. And we have a dedicated jigsaw puzzle table.

Working on a puzzle is one of the best ways to relieve my stress, stimulate both sides of my brain, kill time while waiting for a colleague, and clear my mind when I’m feeling mentally blocked. Puzzle piecesPlus, I love that satisfying little click a well-made puzzle piece makes when it locks into place. It’s so engrossing that I do not keep jigsaw puzzles at home. If I did, I would be hunched over it at all hours, eating peanut butter out of a jar, ignoring my parrots’ squawks and dogs’ demands for attention. Some puzzles are so difficult it seems like we will never finish them; then, over the span of a week, a breakthrough happens, and the end comes into view. When it’s finished, we let it lie in its triumphant completed state for a few days, and then the itch to start a new puzzle returns, someone buys or donates one, and we start again.

The puzzlers love the challenge of turning a mess into a finished piece. Maybe no one likes the first part — turning all the pieces right-side up so assembly can begin — but there’s no way around it. Perhaps because I was an English major, I can’t help but make a metaphor out of puzzling. It’s like the puzzle of health insurance and the myriad problems we have to solve every day, and also like True Health New Mexico’s own journey through the health insurance landscape.

This fall, open enrollment — the busiest time for any health insurer — presents two new avenues for us: offering individual/family plans, and coverage for federal employees, for the first time. A lot of opportunity lies before us with this expansion of our business, and we will rise to it. We are excited to bring True Health New Mexico to more and more New Mexicans. And we’ll need a lot more jigsaw puzzles to see us through.