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Let’s play ball!

Helen Blackwell, Billing Manager

There is not one thing in the world I would rather do than play softball. I average four to five games per week and play no less than three games per week. We practice at least once a week as well. If there is a night I don’t have a game, I get calls and messages to come fill in for a team.

Helen Blackwell at the plateI play first base and have mastered the art of hearing the runner’s foot hitting the bag and the ball hitting my glove. I always know which of these happened first, so I know if the umpire got the call right or not. I do not argue with umpires. Having umpired for several years, I know that: first, it’s pointless; they will not change the call. Second, it only adds to everyone’s frustration over a “bad” call. Third, I know from experience that umpires are human and are doing the best they can. They truly have no motive, so they believe the call they made is accurate (even though sometimes it’s not!). ??

I’ve been playing softball for as long as I can remember. I didn’t play in an organized league until high school but played many neighborhood games all day long in the summers of my youth. I love to play on a new co-ed team. The outfielders move in when they see me get into the batter’s box. They make that mistake only once. I normally hit well into the outfield – if it’s not a nice fly ball over the right fielder’s head, it will be a whistling line drive down the first base line. I am left-handed but bat right-handed and always have.

There is a game tonight. Wanna play?